The adventures of Mimi and Ray continue as they discover the rich history and beauty of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. Fly along with Poe the Crow as he guides Mimi and Ray through Stella Maris Catholic Church, Fort Moultrie, the batteries, the History Officer’s Row and the Edgar Allan Poe Library. There is a small mishap, but all will be well when they notice a mysterious light. Come along and uncover the great treasures on Sullivan’s Island.



Size – 8.5 x 11"
Pages – 40
Color – Full-color, watercolor illustrations
Price – $19.99


Appreciation of Nature
Family Love


History & Nature Guide
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Mimi and Ray’s new friend, Poe the Crow, is a fine guide for a new Lowcountry adventure, this time on historic and beloved Sullivan’s Island. Young readers will delight in the charming illustrations and delightful dialogue that bring the history and allurement of this special sea island to life. Parents will appreciate its nimbly-crafted and meaningful message, entertaining activities and useful guide to new terms little history buffs will encounter throughout. Catherine Farley has given wee readers a lovable treat about a beloved place.
— Robert Salve, Managing Editor, Charleston Mercury
In her brief tour of the island, Mimi, with Poe’s help beautifully introduces young readers to our special place, showing them that there is so much more here than just beaches, and perhaps striking a spark of curiosity about the other wonders of our rich history and natural resources. I hope Mimi will come back again!
— Patrick M. O’Neil, Mayor, Town of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina
What a special treasure with the sweetest story line. Whether you’re from the island or just visiting, you’ll love how Catherine Farley, her son, and her nephew share many favorite spots around Sullivan’s Island through the eyes of sweet deer siblings, Mimi and Ray. My children especially loved Poe the Crow and Mimi’s History Section, a bonus feature that allows readers to learn even more historical facts about the island. We can’t wait for more adventures with Mimi!
— Ashley Brown, Mother of 4 and Charleston blog author of Sweet Southern Prep