What happens when a newborn fawn decides to follow some children on a sandy trail? Why, the beauty of a South Carolina barrier island is discovered. Mimi explores the trails, marshlands, and beaches on Seabrook Island, while meeting lots of amazing animal friends along the way.  Mimi gets into a little mischief in the pluff mud, but discovers the importance of friendship, teamwork, and respecting nature.  Most of all, Mimi realizes how much she loves her deer family, Momma Doe and Ray. Come along and join Mimi’s adventures on Seabrook Island.



Size – 8.5 x 11"
Pages – 40
Color – Full-color, watercolor illustrations + map of Seabrook Island
Price – $19.99


Appreciation of Nature
Family Love


Map of Seabrook
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Nature Guide


Catherine Farley has managed to capture the essence of nature on Seabrook Island in a wonderful and unique way. The story of Mimi’s adventure draws you in, enticing you to learn more about these beautiful animals. It is told in a way that works beautifully for young children to appreciate valuable lessons in safety, exploration, wild animals, and the island itself.
— David Gardner, Director of Environmental Education, 
St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center
Catherine Farley’s book and nature guide provide a very helpful introduction to the wildlife and natural world of Seabrook Island, South Carolina. It will encourage respect, awe, and appreciation for nature in her young readers.
— Dennis Smith, Chairman of Lakes and Wildlife Committee, 
Seabrook Island Property Ownerís Association
Mischievous Mimi is the perfect guide for a visit to Seabrook. 
The story introduces children of all ages to the things that make this island so special.
— Sally Hughes Smith, Author and Illustrator of 
Rosebud Roams Charleston
The charming illustrations and narrative in Mischievous Mimi Explores Seabrook Island have created a happy keepsake that will be treasured by young visitors to Seabrook Island for years to come.
— Mary Whyte, Artist