Mimi's First Thursday Trek....Her "Tide" Postcard

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

Many of you have already met me in my NEW book, Mischievous Mimi Explores Seabrook Island.  My name is Mimi and I am a baby fawn living and learning on a barrier island called Seabrook, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I am discovering lots of beachy things and I want to share them with you.  So, be on the lookout for postcards I will send on Thursdays called "Thursday Treks."  This is when I will share my island adventures with you!

Last night, I saw the prettiest sunset over the beach.  The colors were amazing...yellow, orange, red, pink, and even purple (my favorite color).  It was like a rainbow!  I also saw a funny looking line across the sand and wanted to learn about it.  You can see the line in the picture I am sharing with you.

Do you know what it is called when the water moves back and forth on the beach?  Well, Momma Doe told me that it is called a "tide."  The tides are affected by gravity which is a force we have here on our planet, Earth.  Believe it or not, gravity is what keeps us standing on the ground.  So, this thing called gravity is also what causes the tides to change at the beach!

There are low tides and high tides at the beach.  With a high tide, the water comes very close to the sand dunes and there is not as much beach to run and play.  When the low tide comes, the beach is REALLY BIG with lots of room to explore.  You can find ocean treasures like sea shells, starfish, and even sand dollars at low tide. 

My brother, Ray likes to tell me that during high tide the ocean is like a party.  All of the sea shells and tiny animals are dancing around on the beach in the water.  The whole beach can be covered with water at high tide.  When the ocean goes back out and leaves a big sandy beach, the party is over.  The sea shells and tiny ocean animals get to take a break and rest on the sand.  I thought that was a fun way to think about the tides, so I wanted to share it with you!  Next time you are at the beach, see if you can figure out if the tide is high or low. 

I will be sure to write again next Thursday and share more of my island adventures.  Until then, keep reading, exploring and having a fun summer!

Your "deer" friend,