Thursday Treks....Horseshoe Crabs helping humans??

"Deer" Fellow Explorers,

I am finding amazing creatures on my walks down the beach, but I have to say that one I found today made the top of my list!  As I walked up, it looked like an extra big seashell on the beach, but I noticed this long thing on the end.  Hummm...I thought...should I touch it? 

Well, you know me, I decided to turn it over. was some sort of animal I had discovered.  It was wiggling its' legs around like it wanted to swim.   I called Momma Doe over and she told me to gently slide the sea creature back to the water.   Momma explained that it was a horseshoe crab. 

The horseshoe crabs have a 6 legs that are used for swimming and breathing.  They also have a long tail called a telson on the very end.  Even though they are called crabs, they are actually part of the arthropod family which includes spiders and other insects. 

The most amazing thing Momma shared with me is that horseshoe crabs help humans each and every day!  Scientists use part of the horseshoe crab's blood for research. They have learned that the blood helps humans from getting an infection when they get a shot.  Once again, animals and humans working together.  What an amazing world!  A spiky little crab is making a big difference in human lives.  

Let's keep exploring.  Together, we will learn lots more about these barrier islands!  Until next time....

Your "Deer" Friend,