Hooray...Spring Green is Finally Here!

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

It has been a cold and windy winter here on the island, but I have been thankful for snuggling with my deer family, my warm fur coat, and the evergreens to eat.  Friends, you may not know what an evergreen plant is, so you know me, I must share what I have learned.  Evergreens are plants with leaves that stay green throughout the whole year...Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

It all starts in the fall, leaves turn lots of pretty colors and then fall off of most of the trees.  These are called deciduous plants or trees. The leaf piles can be the best playground around, but the leaves off the tree don't taste very good.  If you remember, I eat mostly plants, so when I saw a lot of the green leaves disappearing last fall, I was wondering how I was going to find food.  I was a baby fawn and needed to keep eating healthy to grow stronger. 

So, I stopped and really took a good look around...and guess what?   There was still a little bit of green around on the plants.  Phew, was I relieved!! 

Now that it is spring, there is green popping up everywhere.  It's like being in a restaurant with your all of your favorite foods to eat.  The birds are singing their songs and flying all around the island too.  There is something really special about Spring!

So explorer friends, get out and go for a walk or ride your bike...see how many new colors you see in nature and look at the plants coming out of the ground.  The new flowers look they are smiling at the sun saying "thank you for giving me light to bloom!"

Spring is here! I know that I am a happy deer to see more green!  I hope you enjoy exploring all of the new things that Spring brings.

Until next time...

From your "deer" friend,