Jumping into January

"Dear" Explorer Friends,

Can you believe January is almost over?  Well, I'm sure many of you have heard people talking about resolutions that you can make in the New Year.  You know me, I'm very curious and I've been asking around trying to figure out what a resolution is.  Momma Doe always tells me to ask questions if I don't understand something.   You are pretty lucky as a human to be able to look in a book or on the internet (if your parents allow) to find information.  

I like to think of each day as a new time to do my best at whatever I am doing.  I don't have to wait until the start of a new year to make a resolution or promise to myself to accomplish something. 

Let's learn a new word today...evolve.  To evolve is to grow into the person or animal (in my case) that God has intended you to be.  When you evolve, you don't always make an exact plan for what you want to do and accomplish.  Sometimes, God has a special way of giving you signs during the day that show you which direction to go.  Follow those signs and you will have lots of fun "evolving" into the unique person that God intended you to be. 

I know you are wondering about the picture on the page.  Well, I am really growing and if you will notice, my spots are gone.   I am no longer a fawn.  I am officially a girl or female deer.  And, look, I can jump pretty high!!!  That is a 4 foot fence that I am jumping over!

So...let's evolve this year and follow God's plan for us!  Today, jumping over a fence just happened to be one of mine.  It was a first and made me feel very proud.  I hope you did something today that made you feel proud.

Until next time...

Your "Deer" Friend,