Where do you leave your LOVE tracks???

"Deer" Friends,

Two days and counting to my very first Valentine's Day!  As you know, I'm a curious fawn  learning about life each and every day.  There has been so much "talk" about LOVE around here lately and of course, I'm asking lots of questions.  Momma Doe has taught me about what LOVE means and so have many of my other friends.  If you just stop and look around, you will see lots of ways that LOVE is being shared in our world.  

LOVE is not something you can touch, but definitely something you can feel.  And boy, does LOVE feel awesome. I want to be able to spread it all around and feel LOVED too.  Not just on Valentine's Day, but the whole year! 

So, how do you think I can spread love around?  Momma Doe shows me one way when she nuzzles or hugs me.  My brother, Ray shows me by sharing snacks with me.  Many other animals have shown LOVE to me too!!  If you have read the book about me, you know that Oscar the Osprey and Henry the Heron were loving birds when they helped me get out of the pluff mud. 

All of these friends have shown me wonderful ways to LOVE.  I am wondering where they got this LOVE? Who invented it and where did it come from?  It has to be GOD.  He was the one who created this amazing world for all of us. So for sure, LOVE is one of the gifts that he gave us too!   Amazing, isn't it? 

So, let's get out there and share our LOVE with others on Valentine's Day and each and every other day.  Smile at your teacher, hug your parents, share your toys with friends, or make a card for someone who is sick.  These are all great ways to spread LOVE.   And I bet you will feel a little LOVE when you share your LOVE.  It just seems to work that way!  Most importantly, remember to thank God for the LOVE that he gave us to share. 

Until our next postcard...I'll be working on making each of my tracks full of LOVE.  How about you? What steps will you take to share your LOVE? 

Love your "deer" friend,