A Star is Discovered!

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

      Well, Momma Doe, Ray and I are back on the island spending more time by the water with the nice breeze coming off the ocean.  I wanted to "try my hooves" at wading in the waves.  I was enjoying the waves crashing over my legs when I felt something brush up against me.  I stepped back and it was this amazing little sea creature that looked like a star in the sky.  

     Momma Doe came over to see my discovery and gave me a little lesson in what most people call "starfish."  Well, the real name is a "sea star" I learned.   The sea star is actually not a fish because it does not have gills or a fin like a fish.  The sea star has tiny tube feet on the underside of its' body to move along in the ocean. 

     Believe it or not, the sea star can even grow back one of its' arms if it should be injured or eaten by another sea animal.  It takes about a year for the sea star to grow the arm back, but sure enough, it can do it.  Pretty amazing!!  That's not something that any other animal that I have met can do!!  And one more thing, the sea star has an eye on the end of each arm.  It can't see a lot of details, but it can tell the difference between light and dark. 

     So next time you see one of these amazing stars on the island, make sure you check it out!  If one arm looks shorter than another, it is probably growing the arm back from an injury.  WOW...another amazing sea creature discovered.  Until our next discovery...keep exploring!

Your "Deer Explorer Friend,