Fall Flight...Another beautiful creature is discovered!

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

The weather has been changing and I just have to share my latest nature discovery.  I've been noticing these beautiful creatures flitting in the air all around going from flower to flower.  They are much smaller than the birds here on the island, but definitely bigger than a bumble bee, and much prettier. 

The monarch butterflies are here!  Their wings are outlined in black, but have so many shades of orange in them, and boy, do those wings flap fast!  They are migrating to Florida and Mexico for warmer weather.  Think about it, they are flying all the way to another country!  Their wings must be really strong and they must be really hungry from all of the flying.  I am so glad that they can stop for a break and enjoy the flowers here on our barrier island home of Seabrook.

Momma Doe explained to me that a butterfly is not always a butterfly.  It begins as a little egg which hatches a caterpillar.  Then, the caterpillar forms a chrysalis which is like a shell.  Finally, the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis.  Once the butterfly is "born" it starts the cycle all over again by laying more eggs. 

AMAZING...so many different creatures in our world that add to the beauty around us.  I hope you have had a chance to see a monarch butterfly outside in your yard, in the woods, or even on your playground at school.  Think of the journey they have made.  

I will continue to explore and discover...I hope you are too!

Your "Deer" Explorer Friend,