An Angel on the Island!

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

We went on a REALLY super adventure this week...we discovered a special "angel" on John's Island.  Believe it or not, there is a live oak tree called THE ANGEL OAK.  It is AMAZING!  Oscar the Osprey has been telling me about this huge tree that is over 1500 years old.  It is the largest living thing east of the Mississippi River (that means all of the eastern states in the USA!)

So, we decided to make our "Thursday Trek" to see this important piece of history in nature.  After a few rest stops and snacks along the way, we made it to the Angel Oak.  It is about 10 miles from Seabrook Island to the Angel Oak, but boy, it was worth the trip.  You can see in the picture that the tree has branches that look like a maze.  The largest branch is 89 feet long and the ANGEL OAK has a tree canopy that would shade about 1/3 the size of a football field. 

Live oak trees have been around for a really long time and are native to the Carolina Coastal region.  They grow well in sandy soil, can tolerate salt air, and like the heat.  So, they are just perfect for life on the coast!

 In the 1700's and 1800's, the lumber from live oaks was very valuable and used to build ships.  The bark of the trees was used for tanning leather.  The best part of the tree for me are the delicious acorns!  You know that acorns are one of my favorite foods as a growing deer. 

I hope you can visit the Angel Oak on John's Island sometime soon!  It is an adventure you don't want to miss!  Until next time...

Your "Deer" Friend,