Thursday won't believe what I saw!

"Deer" Explorer Friends, won't believe what I saw at the beach this week!  It was one early morning and I was having my breakfast on some foliage in the sand dunes with Momma Doe and Ray.  There were lots of people walking down onto the there was something really important to see!  Well...there was! sea turtles were hatching and running on the beach to get to the ocean. 

      If you remember in our book, the mother sea turtle comes out of the ocean at night to lay her eggs.  She digs a big hole with her flippers and then can lay over 100 eggs.  The eggs look like ping pong balls.  It takes 60 days for the baby sea turtles to grow.  So, these eggs that hatched had been buried in the sand since May.

     There are a really amazing group of people on Seabrook Island called the Sea Turtle Patrol.  They wear these bright blue shirts and walk on the beach early in the morning looking for signs that a momma sea turtle has laid eggs.  If they find a nest, they make sure it is safe from the tide and animals like ghost crabs that might harm the nest.  You can check out their website for really neat pictures of the sea turtles. 

    The sea turtles are amazing creatures that are the oldest reptiles still alive on Earth.  They lived when the dinosaurs lived!  So, it is pretty important that we take care of the beaches and ocean so we can keep the turtles living for many years to come.  A few things you can do to help protect the sea turtles are to make sure you pick up your trash and fill any holes with sand before you leave the beach.  Also, the lights on the beach should be turned off so that it doesn't keep the momma sea turtles from coming to shore to lay their eggs.  Each of us can play a part in making the beach a better place for the awesome sea turtles

    I hope you have a fun filled week.  Summer is a great time to read and keep it up!  If you have seen a sea turtle, please share your story with me. 

                                                                                               Your "Deer" Friend,