The LONG Journey...A Shrimp's "Tale"

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

Well, you know I notice everything...from the awesome sandy ground to the beautiful blue skies!  I really like to look out over the ocean.  Some days I see a dolphin jump or a pelican doing a fancy dive, but each and every day, I see the beautiful shrimp trawlers going out to sea and returning with their sea treasures.  I decided to ask my special friend Oscar the Osprey about the shrimp trawlers.  You might remember Oscar the Osprey from the book about me, Mischievous Mimi Explores Seabrook Island.   Oscar is awesome. He can fly in the sky and see everything that happens on a barrier island and in the ocean too!

I just have to share Oscar's shrimp trawling lessons.  First, the boats or trawlers can be anywhere from 17-85 feet long.  They travel about 3-4 miles from the beach to do the "shrimping." They have large nets that they toss over the side of the boat.  There are grates attached to the nets that drag the bottom of the water to catch the shrimp.  When the nets are pulled up and onto the trawler deck or floor, the "catch" is dumped out and rinsed with a hose.  There are lots of shrimp, but other little sea creatures too!  If you notice in the picture, there are lots of birds flying around the shrimp trawler.  The birds are just hoping to get a little snack. that's a lot of work to get a shrimp from the ocean, into the nets, onto the boat, to the store, and then to your home for you to eat! 

You won't believe what else Oscar taught me.  Way back in 1979 (35 years ago), there was a shrimp caught on a trawler that was over 10 inches long right off the coast of Seabrook Island!  Can you imagine eating a shrimp that was 10 inches long?  It would be like having a hot dog!  If you haven't tasted shrimp, they are really yummy and good for you. Give shrimp a try if you have the chance! 

Since November is a special month to give thanks, I want to thank my awesome friend Oscar the Osprey for teaching me so much about the world around me.  Most of all, I thank God for creating this nature! 

Your "deer" friend,