A Visit to the Sanctuary...YES...one for birds!

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

I've been spending so much time watching things that fly...last time it was the beautiful monarch butterflies.  Now, I am noticing the amazing flocks of birds on this "spit" of land across from Pelican Beach on Seabrook Island.   This "spit" or piece of land is called Deveaux Bank and is now designated a bird sanctuary by the Department of Natural Resources or DNR.  This is a part of our government that helps to protect our natural resources.   The sanctuary is pretty awesome.  It is a special place where the birds can go to lay their eggs and their nests are protected.  Humans are not allowed on certain parts of Deveaux Bank so the nests are not disturbed.  Would you believe that there were 3600 Brown Pelican nests on Deveaux Bank last year?  That is over 67 percent of all of the Brown Pelican nests in South Carolina.  So....Deveaux Bank is a pretty important place for these birds. 

If you remember my friend, Oscar the Osprey from my book, you know he is really smart and has helped me learn a lot about barrier island nature.  He taught me all about these birds called Brown Pelicans.  You wouldn't believe how they dive straight into the ocean...better than the best Olympic divers I would say!  They are one of only two birds that can dive into the water to catch their food.  Let me tell you how it happens...it is called a plunge dive and when their big beak hits the water it stuns the fish or makes the fish stop swimming so it can scoop the fish up.  Like we always say, every creature has its' own unique way of getting food to keep themselves nourished.  Here is one more we can add to our interesting list! 

So, next time you are visiting Seabrook, take a look across the ocean from Pelican Beach. It is so beautiful to see all of the birds, especially the Brown Pelican with all of the fancy diving! 

Until next time...

Your "Deer" Friend,