Addition and Subtraction on the Beach...WHAT!!??

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

Momma Doe, Ray, and I were out for a morning walk and as you can probably tell from this picture, it was low tide.  That means that there was a lot of sandy beach to run and explore.  There was this awesome tide pool that looked like it was surrounded by stadium seats ready for a huge audience.  Isn't it amazing what the ocean and sand can create! 

I always like to share new words with you and I have some pretty big ones today!!  The new words are ACCRETION and EROSION.  Accretion is what happens on the beach when you have sand that builds up or accumulates.  When sand dunes get taller or when a beach gets wider over a period of time, this is the sand accreting.   It is kind of like the addition problems that you learn in your math class.  

Erosion is when the sand is being taken away from the beach.  This happens many times when the ocean is really rough during a storm.  You can tell that erosion has occurred when the sand dunes are not as tall or the beach is not as wide.  If you think about your math class again, it is like subtracting sand from the beach. 

The picture that we are sharing today shows how the ocean water forms areas of sand accretion and erosion.  I really liked this one because tidal pools are one of my favorite places to play.  There are lots of little ocean creatures to watch.  The next time you are at the beach, ask your parents to show you how the sand is accreting or eroding. that was quite a science lesson with a little bit of math too!!! I am off for recess now. 

Until next time...keep exploring the beauty in nature wherever you are!

Your "Deer" Friend,