Hooray...Spring Green is Finally Here!

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

It has been a cold and windy winter here on the island, but I have been thankful for snuggling with my deer family, my warm fur coat, and the evergreens to eat.  Friends, you may not know what an evergreen plant is, so you know me, I must share what I have learned.  Evergreens are plants with leaves that stay green throughout the whole year...Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

It all starts in the fall, leaves turn lots of pretty colors and then fall off of most of the trees.  These are called deciduous plants or trees. The leaf piles can be the best playground around, but the leaves off the tree don't taste very good.  If you remember, I eat mostly plants, so when I saw a lot of the green leaves disappearing last fall, I was wondering how I was going to find food.  I was a baby fawn and needed to keep eating healthy to grow stronger. 

So, I stopped and really took a good look around...and guess what?   There was still a little bit of green around on the plants.  Phew, was I relieved!! 

Now that it is spring, there is green popping up everywhere.  It's like being in a restaurant with your all of your favorite foods to eat.  The birds are singing their songs and flying all around the island too.  There is something really special about Spring!

So explorer friends, get out and go for a walk or ride your bike...see how many new colors you see in nature and look at the plants coming out of the ground.  The new flowers look they are smiling at the sun saying "thank you for giving me light to bloom!"

Spring is here! I know that I am a happy deer to see more green!  I hope you enjoy exploring all of the new things that Spring brings.

Until next time...

From your "deer" friend,


Jumping into January

Jumping into January

Mischievous Mimi making her very first jump over a fence!  She is growing and evolving as she explores.  Her next adventure is in the works...coming to a bookstore near you later this year!  Check out www.explorewithmimi.com for her other adventures or to order the book.  2015 is going to be a year of growth for this deer!

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The Palmetto Tree- just the beginning of "T"hankful

I"Deer" Explorer Friends,

I hope everyone had a very special Thanksgiving Day! I enjoyed another beautiful day being creative and exploring on my South Carolina barrier island home.  As you may remember from the story, Mischievous Mimi Explores Seabrook Islandthe Palmetto tree is the South Carolina State tree.  I just love how the trees stand so tall and then blossom at the top.  They remind me of the letter "T" which as you know is the first letter of the word, thankful.  Do you ever look up into the clouds, out into the woods, or over the water and notice shapes or letters?  It is a game that my island friends play with me. 

We decided to spell T-H-A-N-K-F-U-L yesterday since it was Thanksgiving Day. We found all of our letters out in nature from patterns on the shells to the shape of a wave in the ocean, we did it!  More than finding the letters, we thought about all of the blessings that God has created here on our Earth.  God created all of the beauty in nature, he gave us minds to imagine, and family and friends to share these blessings. 

Even though Thanksgiving is over, let's keep the feeling of gratitude and thanks blossoming.  Share a smile with someone, notice the sky even if it is gray, and feel the warmth of the sun shining down on you! These are simple ways to show God that we are grateful for all that he has created.  

I am grateful to be growing and learning too!  Can you believe I know the alphabet now?

Your "Deer" Friend,



The LONG Journey...A Shrimp's "Tale"

"Deer" Explorer Friends,

Well, you know I notice everything...from the awesome sandy ground to the beautiful blue skies!  I really like to look out over the ocean.  Some days I see a dolphin jump or a pelican doing a fancy dive, but each and every day, I see the beautiful shrimp trawlers going out to sea and returning with their sea treasures.  I decided to ask my special friend Oscar the Osprey about the shrimp trawlers.  You might remember Oscar the Osprey from the book about me, Mischievous Mimi Explores Seabrook Island.   Oscar is awesome. He can fly in the sky and see everything that happens on a barrier island and in the ocean too!

I just have to share Oscar's shrimp trawling lessons.  First, the boats or trawlers can be anywhere from 17-85 feet long.  They travel about 3-4 miles from the beach to do the "shrimping." They have large nets that they toss over the side of the boat.  There are grates attached to the nets that drag the bottom of the water to catch the shrimp.  When the nets are pulled up and onto the trawler deck or floor, the "catch" is dumped out and rinsed with a hose.  There are lots of shrimp, but other little sea creatures too!  If you notice in the picture, there are lots of birds flying around the shrimp trawler.  The birds are just hoping to get a little snack.  Whew...now that's a lot of work to get a shrimp from the ocean, into the nets, onto the boat, to the store, and then to your home for you to eat! 

You won't believe what else Oscar taught me.  Way back in 1979 (35 years ago), there was a shrimp caught on a trawler that was over 10 inches long right off the coast of Seabrook Island!  Can you imagine eating a shrimp that was 10 inches long?  It would be like having a hot dog!  If you haven't tasted shrimp, they are really yummy and good for you. Give shrimp a try if you have the chance! 

Since November is a special month to give thanks, I want to thank my awesome friend Oscar the Osprey for teaching me so much about the world around me.  Most of all, I thank God for creating this nature! 

Your "deer" friend,